• “If someone asks you why you practice sitting meditation, say, ‘I sit because I like it.’ That is the best answer, I think. You enjoy sitting because you become a flower, a mountain, still water, and empty space. When you become all these kinds of things, you truly become yourself, living deeply in the here and now.”

    “A Buddha is anyone who is awake, who is aware of everything that happens inside and around him or her, and who understands and loves deeply. If you are awake, if you are in the present moment, here and now, you too are a Buddha.”

    “Anywhere you see love and understanding, there is the Buddha. Anyone can be a Buddha. Do not imagine that the Buddha is a statue or someone who has a fancy halo around his or her head or wears a yellow robe. A Buddha is a person who is aware of what is going on inside and around him or her and has a lot of understanding and compassion.”