• From the opening of Little Pilgrim

    A peek of the river was visible behind a cluster of hibiscus trees hanging in a drunken stupor. It flowed quickly in the early morning light, the sound of its rippling subdued. For little Sudhana, this glimpse of the river constituted his first awareness of the world as he regained consciousness.

    From Little Pilgrim

    The ancient grove was blossoming with camellia flowers, more than had ever before been seen along that coast. Songs from a thousand years ago had been buried in the ground like pearls enclosed in their shells. Over the years, so many songs had flowed on and away. The wandering poets, who composed the songs, and all the girls who had sung them, had flowed on and away. Yet now these fossil songs, buried beneath the bell and grown rusty as only songs can rust, had at last echoed once in the open air, then had turned bud by bud into pure white camellia flowers. In bestowing those songs and the scent of the flowers on the young pilgrim, the dying Ratnachuda had fulfilled his task.