• A Buddhist monk, prolific author of 30 books, and candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts during the Paris peace talks, Hanh here continues his theme of peace, this time through the tool of love. His topic, how to love well, will be of interest to many, and his simple prose style is easy and soothing to read. Hanh makes a point of trying to reach his modern audience, even those without Buddhist sensibility, with refences to E-mail and faxes in his chapter on deep listening. Elsewhere he speaks of four-star hotels as nothing compared to the “abode of Brahma…a four thousand star hotel.” His message is clear: love yourself and others by listening deeply, using “right” speech, and building a strong sangha (community). To stay away from harming ourselves and others he advises mindfulness and practicing the four immeasurable minds: love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. By using these disciplines, Hanh promises a sense of contentment and peace. There is honesty and beauty in Hanh’s writing. Recommended for all libraries.
    –Library Journal