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Together We Are One

  • Thich Nhat Hanh’s profound message of love and understanding will help the world appreciate the diverstiy of the human race.  I recommend this book wholeheartedly. —Arun Gandhi, President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute

    Thich Nhat Hanh offers deep insights about diversity from a strong Buddhist perspective.  With personal accounts of the suffering that separation can cause and the healing powers of an inclusive philosophy, this book has something for everyone. —Peter Laurence, Executive Director, The Education as Transformation Project

  • Civilization Means Openness, Tolerance

    If you have only one way of thinking, one way of behaving, you are confined to the limits of your culture. With your habitual way of thinking, you imprison yourself, and you cannot understand the suffering, the difficulties, the dreams of people of other races or other nationalities.. You have a view about freedom, about happiness, about the future, and you want to force that view upon other cultures, other nations, other groups of people, and you create suffering for them. You think that everybody has to follow a certain economic model, a certain way of thinking, and only then are they civilized people. When you think in this way, you have tied yourself up with a rope, and you cause danger and suffering for yourself and others.