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From the Editors

This bell has many sounds, from the deeply resonant, thunderous bell of Thich Nhat Hanh's Dharma talk on the Five Precepts, to the alarming bells of Art James and Lloyd Barnes' pieces on waking up in the midst of war and violence, to Eileen Kiera's settling sounds of comfort and presence with the dying. To Sister Phuong' s strong bells of mindfulness, calling our attention to the ignored hungry and oppressed in Vietnam and refugee camps throughout south east Asia, to the vibrant sounds of the essays on practicing with the precepts, to the gentle bells of insight poems. To the wind-blown bell of Gary Gill's essay on the homeless as teachers, to the dancing sound of Mobi Ho's tangerine meditation, to the twinkling bell of Daniel Julian's iconoclastic letter, to the round sound of the Discourse on Love, translated by Thay. The Five Precepts, especially as Thay teaches them, are strong—"radical," as one teenager at a retreat commented. We wholeheartedly invite your responses based on your work with them in your everyday lives. As we enter summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we offer these bells and fragrances to you, in the hope that you enjoy them and find them refreshing and nourishing. Your editorial staff will attend the two retreats at Plum Village this summer, and the next issue of The Mindfulness Bell will go to press in September. You should be receiving your copy in October. Thank you for all of your essays and kind wishes. Your letters, postcards, disks, and faxes are most appreciated. Please let us continue to hear from you.

Therese Fitzgerald, Arnie Kotler, and Carole Melkonian

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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