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Letter from Thich Nu Chan Khong, Thich Giac Thanh, Thich Nu Chan Duc, Thich Nu Dieu Nghiem

Dear Friends,

Over the years, the number of Sanghas all over the world has grown steadily, and requests for retreats addressed to Dharmacharyas at Plum Village have increased accordingly. We are happy that the practice is bringing so much joy into people's lives and we always try our best to respond to all the requests we receive. We have traveled to many places and have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the practice with many of you. Our brothers and sisters at home have always given us their full support, although at times they may have liked to have us with them a little more often, so they too can benefit from our experience in the practice and we can benefit from their freshness and beginners' minds. To our delight, Thay has recently transmitted the Lamp to more brothers and sisters in Plum Village. Now we will be able:to respond to all the requests for retreats as well as the wish of our Plum Village Sangha for Dharmacharyas to be able to spend more time here.

In order for this to be possible, we would appreciate it if you could address future requests for retreats to the newly installed Abbess (Sister Trung Chinh New Hamlet) or Abbot (Thay Nguyen Hai in the Upper Hamlet). We can then look at all requests and decide which Dharmacharya is eligible and most suitable to go and share the practice, taking the needs of both the requesting Sangha and the Plum Village Sangha into account. In this way, the worldwide Sangha can benefit more from the practice at Plum Village, as every Dharmacharya has his or her own experience and way of sharing that experience with others. At the same time, the Plum Village Sangha can remain an integral Sangha, firmly planted in the practice, nourishing the larger Sangha.

According to the tradition, two Dharmacharyas will travel and lead retreats together, or a Dharmacharya may be accompanied and assisted by a younger brother or sister. If the requesting Sangha is not able to cover travel expenses for more than one person, Plum Village will look into the matter and try to meet some of the expenses. When a Sangha requests a certain Dharmacharya, we will take that into account. Because we wish to share all Dharmacharyas with everyone equally, we ask for your understanding in case another Dharmacharya is appointed for you to enjoy the practice with. Although we are of slightly different tastes, we all stem from the same tree. Thay has transmitted the Lamp to many Dharmacharyas in Asia, Europe, the U.S., Canada, and Australia. These teachers have our full support and we are grateful for their commitment to the practice and their readiness to travel and share their experience joyfully with so many practitioners in their home countries and elsewhere. Holding hands and walking the Path of Understanding and Love together as a Sangha is our greatest happiness. We look forward to sharing the practice with you far into the future.

Thich Nu Chan Khong, Thich Giac Thanh, Thich Nu Chan Duc (Sister Annabel), Thich Nu Dieu Nghiem (Sister Jina)

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