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I wanted to start off by thanking you for the free subscription to the Mindfulness Bell. I have found it very inspirational. As a Buddhist living in the “Bible Belt,” it can sometimes be difficult, so it’s really refreshing to see different monasteries and organizations taking care of us and making sure we can continue to grow spiritually as well as remember to be free wherever we are. I humbly bow to Thay and everyone else at the Mindfulness Bell. May you all continue to have a blessed journey. A lotus flower to each of you, one day a Buddha to be.


Demetrius Thompson
Lawton Correctional Facility

I enjoyed reading Thay’s teaching especially for children about interbeing and no birth/no death in the most recent copy of the Mindfulness Bell [Winter/Spring 2015]. Our Families in Nature Sangha can offer the seeds of corn to our children, plant the seeds, and read Thay’s teaching to them. I am thinking this morning about the possibility of including a teaching from Thay for children in each issue of the Mindfulness Bell. It could be something, like in the latest issue, from the talks he offers for children during the first twenty minutes of his teachings at retreats. It could also be Thay’s questions and answers with children. I know these teachings from Thay are available in books, but perhaps more people would have access to them in our magazine. There are already so many wonderful features in the magazine, and I imagine my suggestion is not a new idea. Still, the time may be ripe to consider planting this seed for children.

With love,

Lennis Lyon, California

Editor’s note: In a follow-up conversation, Lennis kindly offered to help locate Thay’s teachings for children to include in future issues. We welcome additional help! If you’re interested, email

I cannot thank you enough. I’ve just got Joanna Macy’s up­dated book and it is making such a difference in my life. I’ve heard of her all through the twenty-five years I’ve been seriously worried about the planet, but never managed to connect before. I’m so grateful for your putting the interview with her in the Mindfulness Bell [Winter/Spring 2015].

Very good wishes,

Kate Evans, United Kingdom

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Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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