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Prison Dharma

I would like to introduce myself. I am Darwin Brown. Through my years of incarceration I have received the Mindfulness Bell. But that’s not all! I have also received from Parallax Press books by Thich Nhat Hanh. Thay’s teachings have helped me to live in the present moment.

I know that directly I am not a student of Thich Nhat Hanh’s, but through his teachings and his books I feel and think that I am a student of his.

Thank you, Thay, for your teachings and showing me the present and wonderful moment. You have guided me home to my true home. Thank you, Parallax Press, for publishing Thay’s teachings for inmates to receive, and thank you to those who donate to the program for inmates.

Thank you, Mindfulness Bell, for all of the articles you publish of Thay’s and others. Every article I read from the Mindfulness Bell reminds me to be in the present and wonderful moment. It is truly the bell that rings, to remind us the present moment is right here.

Darwin Brown
Pugsley Correctional Facility
Kingsley, Michigan, USA

Mindfulness Bell #45, Summer 2007

Thank you for the latest issue of the Mindfulness Bell. I enjoyed sharing some of the experiences from Thay’s Vietnam trip, together with photos. I also enjoyed reading the wise words of the monastics in “Dharma Rain in the Rocky Mountains.”

Your prison stories are always very touching, and I give photocopies of them to friends who do Dharma work in a big prison in our country. They pass them on to the prisoners there for inspiration.

There was a very nice article by Sister Annabel about learning to do walking meditation. Thanks for the news of Blue Cliff Monastery. A suggestion would be to include the retreat programme of Thay’s monasteries, so we know what is happening, for those of us who are out of circuit and don’t get to hear what’s going on unless you continually check websites.

Leela Verity
True Stream of Light
South Africa


Editor’s reply: Thanks, Leela! We took your suggestion to heart and in this issue we include retreat schedules from the monasteries in France and the U.S.

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