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Letters to the Editors

Dear Friends, I cannot tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to receive the first Mindfulness Bell. Encountering Thay and all of you was a totally serendipitous event in my life, as I came to Omega simply looking for a quiet refuge from the madness of life in the Northeast USA. Little did I know that my life would be totally changed, and that in five days I could find total freedom. Thank you all for the work you do so well. I await with real joy the next Mindfulness Bell.

Kathleen Biswas
Baltimore, Maryland

Thank you so much for your efforts which have produced The Mindfulness Bell. I am a long time member of the Zen Center of Los Angeles and have a very good feeling for Thay Nhat Hanh and the people who are gathering about his teaching.

Susan Cotsonas
Tustin, California

I've received a copy of The Mindfulness Bell. It's really a bell with good sounds to remind the Sangha of awareness. I think The Mindfulness Bell will allow communications between people who practice Buddhism in daily life everywhere on the globe. We will be encouraged to exchange experiences, sharing with the Sangha some mini­ Bodhi fruits of our practice.

Quyen Do
Montreal, Quebec

The first edition was a delight--very enjoyable, personal, supportive pieces.

David Silver
Boulder, Colorado

Thank you so much for the first issue of The Mindfulness Bell. It is a wonderful reminder of sangha and an encouragement to be awake.

Sid Kemp
New York, New York

What a pleasure to receive news of friends! It is simply formatted, easy to read, informative, inviting the reader to be engaged. I like the wide variety of contributions and the personal orientation--a newsletter for friends in the sangha to be in touch and help each other practice.

Shantum Seth
New Delhi, India

The Mindfulness Bell--name, format, and content is a plum.

Bonnie Burns
Berkeley, California

The Mindfulness Bell is fantastic! It feels so good to read about others around the globe who feel like I do. It truly makes me feel a part of a sangha instead of a lonely Buddhist lost somewhere in the cornfields of Illinois, watching the Canada Geese migrating overhead and wondering if there are people like me where they are going.

Mary Jewell
Streamwood, Illinois

My sight-unseen subscription to The Mindfulness Bell was primarily to support things concerning Thich Nhat Hanh­ and so I was joyfully surprised to receive the very mindful issue with so many articles, letters, and poems that I wanted to read! Thank you for taking such care not only with the content but with the presentation of the material. It is a pleasure to the hands and the eye as well as the spirit!

Shirley Peterson
Alameda, California

Thank you for publishing The Mindfulness Bell. We love it!

Xuong Nguyen-Huu
San Diego, California

Dear Children,

Receipt of your first issue of The Bell prompts this letter.

I've intended to write and tell you that I appreciated and enjoyed my stay with you at Plum Village last summer. I expect that I will return this summer for a short visit. In the letter I notice Jean-Marc's poor father has stopped drinking wine at dinner. Oh, how you bully us! I received a note from Scotty that he has been pruning trees at Plum Village, and I gather through the article that Mike and Jim Paul are alive and well. I send love and well wishes to them. I trust and hope your community of believers will continue to grow and prosper. God, it seems to me, has a way of nurturing cripples, idiots, and drunks, so maybe there is hope for the Plum Village gang.

Seriously, and to end this note, I would make it absolutely clear to you that, although obviously only a Pasaquero, I feel an unreserved emotion of approval and warmth for what you are doing, and for the Eastern teaching around which you are rousing your Ebenezer. It seems to me it's high time for "fusion." And so I leave you with that idea of absolute, unreserved, unequivocal good wishes.

Daniel Julian
Crockett, Texas

What a big surprise to receive The Mindfulness Bell. I have xeroxed it already at least forty times--I couldn't wait. It supports my idea of a Dutch version of a great inspiration source and encouragement in my daily life full of life and death emotions.

Anneke Brinkerink
Hensbroek, Holland

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