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Offering to the Land Ancestors for the Dedication of Solar Electricity

We, your children of countless generations, respectfully request permission to make an offering to our Mother Earth, the ancestors of this land, and our descendants. Let us be aware that the ancestors of this land are present with us now and let us be aware of where we are, standing on this land with the mountains, plants, and all beings surrounding us. Dear Sangha, let us listen to the sound of the bell so that we may bring ourselves fully into the present moment. (bell)

We gather today to celebrate Deer Park Monastery converting to one hundred percent solar power this month. The installation of solar panels will provide for all the electricity needs of Deer Park. It is our sincere aspiration to live in harmony with this land, with all the vegetation and animals living here, and with all our brothers and sisters with whom we live and practice. When we are in harmony with each other, we are also in harmony with the land, with the plants and animals. We see our close relationship with every person and every species. The happiness and suffering of all humans and all other species is our own happiness and suffering. We inter-are. As practitioners we see we are part of and not separate from the whole of human civilization. As human beings we see that we are children of the Earth and not separate from the soil, the forests, rivers and sky. We share the same destiny.

We are aware that much harm has been done to the Earth out of ignorance, craving and arrogance. As children of this land we ask for your great compassion to forgive us for these shortcomings. Today we are determined to begin anew — to make all efforts, large and small, to collectively effect real change in our global ecological situation. We vow not to deplete the energy of the land and her resources with our careless actions, but rather to contribute to the regeneration of this beautiful land, bringing freshness, peace, and happiness to all who come here.

Deer Park’s conversion to solar energy is one way that we lighten our steps on the Earth and truly arrive as responsible and loving children of the Earth.

With great respect we call on all our spiritual and land ancestors to protect us and to nourish us with your insight, compassion, and liberation. Like young shoots of ancient trees we look to you to know our roots on this soil. We ask for your guidance and understanding to show us clearly how to proceed on our path—so that we may awaken together to restore our future.

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Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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