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Unified Buddhist Church Named a Charter Partner in “Sit for Change”

The Unified Buddhist Church, the fourfold Sangha that practices throughout the world with guidance from Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, has been named along with Amnesty International, the Sierra Club, Save the Children, and a small number of other charitable groups as a Charter Partner in the newly created Sit for Change movement. Each year, the Sit for Change effort will encourage meditation practitioners around the world to enjoy ten days of meditation, commencing on December 21 and culminating on New Year’s Eve. The handful of Charter Partners, including the Unified Buddhist Church, will receive the donations made by sponsoring meditation participants during the ten-day period, as well as the donations made directly to Sit for Change.

In troubling times people often ask, “What can I do?” What is sometimes missing in ensuing discussions about the need for political restructuring and social justice is how each world religion might also draw upon its contemplative practices to provide equanimity and insight. Participation in the Sit for Change effort is one way to encourage people to draw upon the contemplative resources that are part of our shared human heritage.

The New Year’s Eve meditation at Plum Village was dedicated to this worldwide effort, as was a December 31, 2005 meditation at Sanghas practicing in Thay’s tradition throughout the world. There can be little doubt that participation in programs like Sit for Change ( will enhance communication among worldwide contemplative traditions in very real ways.

Jack Lawlor, True Direction

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