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Sitting inthe Autumn Breeze

The 2007 American Tour

In August 2007, Thich Nhat Hanh and ninety of his monks and nuns began a three-month tour across North America. Thousands of adults and children attended retreats in Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Quebec, and New York. Thay received the Doshi Bridgebuilder Award at Loyola Marymount University and spoke at a UCLA-sponsored conference for psychologists.

The first large retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery filled the beautiful new facilities with people and blessed the land with peace and joy. While there, Thay wrote a long and provocative letter to the Sangha and in New York City, after speaking at the Asia Society, Thay gave a wide-ranging interview to Time Magazine.

Many of us were deeply moved by Thay’s call to awakening for the sake of our earth mother. At the public talk in Denver (excerpted earlier in this issue), to a hushed hall of two thousand people, Thay said, “We have the power to decide the destiny of our planet.... If we awaken to our true situation there will be collective change in our consciousness.” May each of us embody that hope for the world.

Photos by Jonathan Cardozo and Tricia Garcia

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