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Manzanita Village We are pleased to announce the founding of a new retreat center in Southern California. Details are on page 26.

Ghosananda Receives Human Rights Award

On November 4 1992, Venerable Maha Ghosananda received the Thoralf Rafto Human Rights Award in Bergen, Norway. In Aftenposten, Norway's largest newspaper, Maha Ghosananda was described as "one of the few who advocates dialogue and reconciliation in the current process to create peace (in Cambodia)..." Says the Venerable, "I still think we will succeed in creating peace in my country. Peace work starts inside each person. As long as we can achieve peace within, there will be peace in Cambodia."

Community of Mindful Living Needs You!

Anyone interested in helping prepare for the retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh, transcribing Thay's tapes, or producing this newsletter, please contact us at (510) 527-3751.

Order of Interbeing

Could the brothers and sisters in the Order of Interbeing kindly send Plum Village (c/o Sister Eleni) a photocopy of their certificate of ordination and present address, so that a list can be compiled and distributed to Order members.

Refuge for Activists

Vallecitos Mountain Refuge was founded in New Mexico to provide a place where those acting on behalf of the planet and its citizens can go to take refuge and reconnect with the Earth. Founded by a community of long-time activists, Valle-citos Refuge is a place deep in the mountains where contem-plative work and spiritual awakening are possible. It was founded on the belief that contemplation is an essential part of action. Its aim is to conserve and nurture the immense human resource in our society working for change. For more information, please contact Grove Burnett and Linda Velarde, Route 1, Box 9A, Glorieta, NM 87535; (505) 757-8408.

Street Retreat July 1-4,1993

Tetsugen-sensei of the Zen Community of New York will lead this revealing experience of becoming one with the street people of New York. Call ZCNY (914) 963-9584.

Interracial Buddhist Council 

IBC meets in the Bay Area of Northern California to meditate and share experiences, feelings, and thoughts as people of color with a meditative Buddhist practice. Contact IBC, P.O. Box 11211, Oakland, CA 94611.

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