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Passages Died: Samar Andert, True Original Mirror, of Stuttgart, Germany died on January 4, 1998.

Sister Jina New Abbess 

On December 20, 1998, Sister Jina was joyfully installed as abbess of Dharma Nectar Temple (Lower Hamlet) at Plum Village.

Virginia Mindfulness Practice Center

Dharma teachers Anh-Huong Nguyen and Thu Nguyen facilitate the new Mindfuless Practice Center of Fairfax, which is open Monday through Fridays. For Center hours and an up-to-date schedule of events, please contact MPCF, P.O. Box l30, Oakton, VA, 22124; (703)938-l377.

Netherland Days of Mindfulness

At age 82, Dharma teacher Nora de Graaf, True Fruition, participates with the Sangha infrequently, because of her health. She welcomes visitors who would like to join her for an occasional Day of Mindfulness in Utrecht, Holland. Please call before you come. 090-2870905.

Teens and Young Adults Program

We want to research and develop a program for late teens and young adults-ages 15-25-and invite your input, preferably from personal or Sangha experience. We hope to run a meaningful pilot program during the 1999 summer retreats in Vermont or Plum Village. Any programs offered will need staff to implement it during a retreat. If this sounds like your true self, please contact Brother Ivar/Phap Trf at Maple Forest Monastery, P.O. Box 354, South Woodstock, VT 05071-0354.

Lay Sangha Near Plum Village

Daniel Reeves is looking for families or small groups to help develop an informal lay practice at a farm three kilometers from Plum Village Upper Hamlet. The property includes two farm houses, barns, and outbuildings. For more information, please contact Daniel Reeves, 12 Falkland Street, Hyndland, Glasgow, Scotland, G12 9PR; Tel: 0141 337-2510;

Group Accommodations for Vermont Retreat

Several members of the Vermont Sangha helped locate the Ascutney Mountain Resort for the mindfulness retreat with Th§y from Monday, August 23 through Saturday, August 28,1999. The resort provides a variety of accommodations, allowing for special group rates. Participants may register singly or in groups of up to nine people to receive the discount. For more information, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Green Mountain Dharma Center (Attn.: VT retreat), P.O. Box 182, Hartland FourCorners, VT 05049

Beginning Mindfulness Book Available

Andrew Weiss, True Shining, recently self-published a book based on the eight-part mindfulness program he teaches in Boston. The course is suitable for beginners and those seeking to solidify and deepen their practice. Copies are available for $14.95 plus shipping ($10.50 per copy for five or more). Please contact Andrew Weiss, 20 Elm Street, Maynard, MA 01754; Tel: (978)897-0796; E-mail: anhdru

Building Bridges Between Traditions

In A Jewish Mother in Shangri-la, Rosie Rosenzweig writes beautifully and openly of journeying with her son, Ben, as she struggled to understand and accept his choice of a Buddhist  spiritual practice. Rosie writes of her own spiritual explorations, the strength she found in her Jewish roots, her loving questions about Ben's path, and discoveries she made about herself and Ben. The book includes several chapters about their trip to Plum Village. (Shambhala Publications 1998)

Urgent Appeal for Green Mountain Dharma Center

During the application process for zoning as a retreat center, it was determined that the poor drainage of the Green Mountain property limits its residential capacity to 50 people. An adjoining 55-acres has good drainage and is for sale. Acquiring this property would allow the Dharma Center to build much-needed residential facilities. The cost is approximately $80,000. Maple Forest Monastery has received a gift of $40,000 toward the purchase. We appeal to you, the greater mindfulness community, to contribute the $40,000 balance to make the purchase possible. Contributions are tax-deductible. Please fax Sister Chan Khong (33-556-6161 -51) or Sister Annabel (802-436-1011) with your pledge, or wire the money to Maple Forest Monastery, Unified Buddhist Church, AL Bank, Route 4, East Woodstock, VT, 05091, Account #01001-24970. Thank you for your help.

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