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I am in Texas. It’s not warm, but it’s getting there (smile). While I was without electricity this week [in mid-February], I sat and read. Picking up the new Mindfulness Bell made me excited and my heart happy. I savored every word. 

While I was reading the article “Resting in Love with the Earth,” I was taken back to my babies, feeling them on my skin and loving them. That in and of itself was beautiful. As I read the rest of the article, I noticed my mind saying, “Finally someone wrote this, knowing how difficult it is to maintain a practice with children.” Then I noticed my mind saying this is engaged Buddhism. And I felt solid. 

Thank you for publishing this article. 

Your sister,
Lea Ann Tinney
Texas, United States

To the Editor: 

Reading this precious issue (Winter/Spring 2021) reminds me of Thay’s (and the Dalai Lama’s) teaching that in this next generation of Buddhism, our teacher will be the Sangha itself. I feel inspired by all of you teachers. 

Sister Chan Duc’s “The Mind of Love and Awakening” moved and nourished me in so many ways. As an activist for more than a half century (I am now 88), I deeply appreciate her clearly differentiating the fighting mind from the mind of love. 

I feel special gratitude for the depth of her wisdom and courage around what she faces unflinchingly “could be the end of life on Earth.” The Buddha taught us not to deny illness, aging, and death. Why would the critical illness of the Earth we love be different? He taught us how we can bring compassion, love, and a deep commitment to ease the condition, and even smiles of joy to a dying partner or an exhausted and feverish Earth. 

With many thanks to your beautiful spirits, 
Cynthia Rich
San Diego, California, United States

Thank you, Octavia, for an enlightened perspective on the single life in your piece “Alone Together: The Birth of a Singles Sangha.” We all inter-are, regardless of our personal circumstances. Though I am married and happily so, I can sometimes feel lonely and sad; I can envy my single friends for their freedom. Yet whether we are partnered or single, as Thay says we all have all the conditions for happiness. We are blessed to have the refuge of Sangha, of community. Blessings to you! 

Also, I’m impressed with Sunny’s depth of practice in her piece “Breathing into What Is.” To go beyond her hurt and anger and see into her husband’s suffering is an act of grace. I know from my own experience how difficult this can be, and how miraculous. This is truly the path of understanding and love. 

Jane Ellen Combelic, 
volunteer editor, Scotland

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