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More Good News

By Marci Thurston

I would like to share reflections that arose from the "Good News" poem that appeared in the last issue of The Mindfulness Bell. The sensitive author of that poem echoed the divisions that reverberate loudly in the world today. The poem stimulated a series of thoughts and meditations in me which led me to a complete feeling of identity with the author. I submit the following variation on his/her poem in the hopes of stimulating further dharma discussion.

I thank the author of the "Good News" poem for offering a flower of ancient root stock. You stimulate in me courage, as well as suggesting a form in which to offer a blossom, and I bow to you.

The good news exists, often twisted and obscure. We try to print and live it right. Each of us is a special edition, every moment new ink wet behind our ears. The good news is being alive, changing, knowing the linden tree stands there, changing, yet strong through many harsh winters. The good news is your eyes that touch the blue sky, the cloud. The good news is the child before me, my arms available. Hugging is possible. So often news is tangled and wrong. Please look at the special edition that I offer every moment, and tell me if I am wrong or hurtful. The dandelion is there in a crack in the sidewalk, smiling her wondrous smile, singing her song of eternity. Lo! You have ears capable of hearing and a voice capable of song. Bow your head, and listen to her. Sing to her. You and I are flowers of a tenacious family. Breathe slowly and deeply, free of previous occupation. The latest good news is that you can do it, and that I can take time to do it too, with you.

Marci Thurston-Shaine lives in Glannallen, Alaska.

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Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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