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Poem: For Jani, Emily, Jess, & you—

Full moon shining brightly down upon
the big open meadow
tall tree sentinels bear witness
to the passing of life and death.
Breathing in one moment
out the next
Coming to be
passing away.
The moon's light constant tonight,
her body at last let go
She is no more here with us
her life span has completed itself.
Where is she now?
Who dies?
Tomorrow morning the sun will rise
the darkness of this night will give way
to dawn
and we will walk slowly home.
The sweet flame has gone out
as new lives are being born.
Understanding deepened in all who
surrounded her bedside,
were touched by her life.
We are all family now.
Crickets and frogs call into this night
the demons are resting.
Peace descends, her soul is free.
Everywhere, impermanence, suffering,
the "accidents" of love.
Who are we when we die?
What did you look like before your mother
was born?
I am because you are.
This is because that also is.

May the breath of life carry our prayers
into Emptiness
and may we help her now
endlessly, infinitely


Cynthia Jurs
Plum Village, June 15, 1992

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