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Poem: The World Today

By Bruce Ho

Sun shines brighter than the sky.
It bursts through the clouds.
Capture it in your hand.
Turn the world round and round.
It's time to look around you.
See the land change every season.
Look around once more.
There is more than this continent.
Explore the world.
Let the sun shine brightly,
Let it see the stars.
Time after time,
day after day,
conserve energy.
Let sunlight warm up your senses.
Turn around in a circle.
See the sights again.
Find yourself in the present moment.
Don't think about the future.
Let your senses shine.
Smell the flowers.
Eat the fruit.
Touch the sky.
See the world around you,
Let them move your heart.
Look and tell the tale.
Tell it in it's full length.
Details are important.
The story will tell itself.
Unless we keep polluting,
it's time for the greatest change
of all eternity!
Take the daybreak course
in the midst of the clouds.
Time is not important.
Just let your ideas spin.
Justice and eternity
roll down the streets,
waiting to be caught.
Here is today,
Our only hope for tomorrow!

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