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Poem: Deer Park Walking Meditation

Hundreds of feet softly kissing the earth.
Mindful full moon dance

by children of celestial light

whose source crests from behind

peaceful Deer Park’s hidden mountain saddle.

Dark night’s cotton-cloud haze

illuminated by one, then two lunar rings.

Most suddenly, poof

–focused concentration exits.

Enter, monkey mind’s desire,

trying to force the sky, moon and rings
to be as one.
Breathing calm, relaxed,

community proceeds up dark, rocky path

–noble teacher and sangha

answering the silent moon’s calling;


letting go,

liberating separation,


Hundreds of eyes gaze

towards moon’s glow

that gently reflects with their forms.

Moon, sangha and my perception,

chilly shadows among valley and sky,

dance joyously in love,

harmoniously inter-being.

David Nelson, Compassionate Guidance of the Heart, lives and practices in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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