Mindfulness Bell #36

Issue 36
  • Dharma Talk: Taking Refuge in Your In-Breath

    Dharma Talk: Taking Refuge in Your In-Breath

    Commentary on the Teaching of Master Linji In the fall and winter of 2003–2004, Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) taught from the Records of Master Linji, a Buddhist monk from ninth-century China. Our lineage descends from Master Linji, so we can…

  • Letter from the Editor

    Letter from the Editor

    To Our Readers The Invitation ceremony has concluded the three-month winter retreat in Deer Park Monastery. Members of the Fourfold Sangha are sitting on the beach with nowhere to go, nothing to do; enough to make us very happy. During…

  • Fruits of the Winter Retreat

    Fruits of the Winter Retreat

    From January through March, the entire monastic Sangha gathered at Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California, for the annual winter retreat. Lay practitioners were invited to join them.  Every Friday, 100–150 lay friends arrived and departed, some staying for a week,…

Other articles in this issue

Poem: Deer Park Walking Meditation

Hundreds of feet softly kissing the earth.Mindful full moon dance by children of celestial light whose source crests from behind peaceful Deer Park’s hidden mountain saddle. Dark night’s cotton-cloud haze…

Poem: The Oracle

Celebration of Tet, 2004 Stop. Drop everything except your breath and walk toward the altar like a bride advancing toward her beloved. Sit on your cushion tall and serene, concentrating…

Poem: Cucumbers

The cucumber slice stares back at me,starburst mandala of seeds and flesh. I fork it slowly into my mouth,aware of arm, muscle, movement,the glint of sunlight on the fruit,then its…

Poem: Awakening

This morning at breakfast I had nine grapes.I know Because I tasted each one And enjoyed each one and For the first time felt the resistance of each one as…

Bodhisattvas in the Subway

By Peggy Rowe Ward On Thay’s 2003 author tour of South Korea, one of the stops was to the city of Daegu.  Before we arrived, a man had started a…

Thank You

Reflections on the Order of Interbeing Retreat at Deer Park By Nancy Nina I felt a little tremulous and unsure as I arrived at the retreat, for I had only…

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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