Mindfulness Bell #40

Issue 40
  • Dharma Talk: True Happiness

    Dharma Talk: True Happiness

    Good morning, dear Sangha, today is the twenty-third of June, 2005 and we are in the Lovingkindness Temple in the New Hamlet.  Happiness is a practice. We should distinguish between happiness and excitement, and even joy. Many people in the…

  • Poem: Full Moon Festival

    By Thich Nhat Hanh This poem was written in response to Vietnamese Dhyana master Lieu Quan (1670–1742), whose poem of insight has this sentence: “If I had realized that the lamp is fire itself, the rice would have been cooked…

  • Letter From the Editor

    To Our Readers It’s mid-August, and I’m just beginning to feel the change of seasons, even in the ninetydegree temperatures. A new coolness in the mornings and evenings, a softness in the color of the darkening sky: I find happiness…

Other articles in this issue

Poem: It Is Enough

By Emily Whittle This apple by itself would be enough—its crisp white center bearing just the right balanceof tart and sweet,garnished with the faint scent of flowers.But there is more!There…

To Be Ready

Though many of us accompanied Thay and the monastic Sangha to Vietnam, it was not possible to understand all that was happening, right before our eyes. In this section, we…

Poem: Thien Mu

By Larry Ward Around the bend of the Perfume RiverOur Dragon Boat took timeAbove steep ancient stone stepsStood a golden pagoda constructed by an Emperor,Silently resting on the earthSeven levels…

Poem: A Walk with Thay

By Larry Ward Walking meditation through the thick green jungle Sights and sounds of war revealed Fear, confusion, sorrow, and anger What are we doing here? Dying Deformed bodies, still…

Healing Old Wounds

By Paul Davis In Vietnam this year, as I walked mindfully on the earth that had experienced such destruction and suffering during the American war, my mind returned to the…

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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