Mindfulness Bell #30

  • Excerpt from Breathing

    Excerpt from Breathing

    Breathing in, I see myself as a flower.I am the freshness of a dewdrop.Breathing out, my eyes have become flowers.Please look at me. I am looking with the eyes of love. Breathing in, I am a mountain, imperturbable, still, alive,…

  • “Strike against Terror” is a Misleading Expression

    “Strike against Terror” is a Misleading Expression

    Terror is in the human heart. We must remove this terror from the heart. Destroying the human heart, both physically and psychologically, is what we should avoid. The root of terrorism should be identified so that it can be removed. The…

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An Experience with Fasting

a sharing from the Editor On September 19, I learned of Thay's intention to fast for ten days as a prayer for the missing and their loved ones, and as a…

Poem: Defuse Me

If I were a bombready to explode,if I have become dangerous to your life,then you must take care of me.You think you can get away from me, but how?I am…

Poem by by Hagit Harmon

The voice of your tears,is the fragrance of your heart when it smiles,is the color of your freedom. Winds of peace, let me be your paint,Paint me like the clouds…

Poem: For Warmth

I hold my face in my two hands.No, I am not crying.I hold my face in my two handsto keep the loneliness warm—two hands protecting,two hands nourishing,two hands preventingmy soul…

Poem: Morning Song

This morning,a fog-filled canyon captured me.Rolled out its net of white and drew me in.Was I then caught?Was l set free? The fog said, "Rest.I am life's breath.Please take me…

10 Points for Working in Mindful Awareness

By Hannah S. Wilder As an executive and leadership coach, I am able to combine my spiritual and professional practices. Most of my coaching takes the form of asking questions to raise…

Gatha: Washing your hands

Water flows over these hands.May I use them skillfully to preserve our precious planet. gatha, a short practice poem, from Thich Nhat Hanh's Stepping into Freedom (Berkeley: Parallax Press, 1997)

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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