Mindfulness Bell #19

Issue 19
  • Dharma Talk: Liberation from Suffering

    Dharma Talk: Liberation from Suffering

    Questions and Answers with Thich Nhat Hanh Each Saturday afternoon during the September 1996 "Heart of the Buddha" retreat at Plum Village in southwestern France, the entire community gathered in the New Hamlet for a question-and-answer session with Thich Nhat…

  • From the Editor

    As we enjoy the warming breezes and fresh blossoms of spring here in California, we remember how different the seasons are on the other side of the Earth. Our Sangha brothers and sisters in New Zealand and Australia are featured in this issue's Sangha…

  • Liberation

    The Chinese word for " liberation" is made up of two characters. According to the Dictionary, of Chinese Buddhist Terms by W. E. Soothill and L. Hodous, the characters mean "to unloose, let go, release, untie, disentangle, explain, expound." The Sanskrit words for liberation are mukti,…

Other articles in this issue

Poem by Madeleine Howard-Rutkowski

Still water reflects the moon,both full and empty,curiously freefrom judgment and attachment.My heart sees freedom and sings. Madeleine Howard-RutkowskiAmesbury, Maine

Pipe-Down Dharma

By Jarvis Masters When I awoke that early morning in my cell to begin my daily meditation practice, I tried to envision myself as a peace activist in the rough neighborhood of…

Poem by Michael Grossi

Oh India, sacred holy sights of Lord Buddha,cool greens lawns of Delhi, hot sandy river bed of the Neranjara, jagged rock formations of Gridhrakuta Mountain, rich rice paddy fields in…

Poem by Ruby Odell

India seizes us from the first moment,rushing, a confusion of horns, hands, language, faces. Children ragged, women as silk, flowers smell of fuel, sweat, curry, fire. India fumbles, lurches, swirls,…

Touching Peace in England

By Kate Atchley Touching Peace" was the theme of a deeply moving four-day retreat led by Thich Nhat Hanh, along with ten nuns and monks from Plum Village, in late March at Stourbridge,…

Thay Calls for UK Dharma Centre

During the Easter retreat in England, Thay called for the UK Sangha to set up a Dharma centre. There is, he said, a "desperate need" for such centres in England…

On Dharma Discussions

Dharma discussions are a fundamental part of Sangha gatherings, retreats, and Plum Village life. At their best they embody qualities of group meditation, enabling us to enter a place of quiet in which…

Poem: A Child’s Grace

By Alice C. Henderson The silver rain,The golden sun,The fields where scarlet poppies run,And all the ripples of the wheatAre in the bread that I do eat.So when I pause…


The "Dharma Corps" During one of our discussions at the recent Order gathering . (see story on pp. 33-34), Therese Fitzgerald commented on the amount of work required to operate the Community…

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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