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  • This Freedom

    Dharma teacher Richard Brady reflects on how Lamp Transmission supported his healing and growth in freedom to share mindfulness with others in person and in his writing. 

  • Mixed Rice

    Discover Harmony and Flavorful Lessons in a Story About Celebrating Cultural Diversity

  • Healing Personal, Global Divisions With the Dharma

    Grappling with unwholesome seeds watered by war, Sharon Aschaiek seeks to transcend the illusion of separateness.

  • The Venerable Thích Nhất Hạnh and the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism 

    Sister Trì Nghiêm describes her experience of Thầy as a truly great spiritual leader, and highlights the importance of embodiment of the practice of mindfulness as a foundation for true spiritual greatness.

  • Is Nothing Something?

    Is Nothing Something?

    In Is Nothing Something? Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh answers heartfelt, difficult, and funny questions from children of all ages. Illustrated with original full-color artwork by Jessica McClure, Is Nothing Something? will help adults plant the seeds of mindfulness in the young children in their lives. Beginning with the most…

  • The Three Earth-Touchings

    Thầy teaches us a practice to transcend the notions of me, the other, and life span.

  • Our Patriarch Liễu Quán

    Sister Đoan Nghiêm teaches about koans and the Plum Village lineage; Thầy’s disciples are the ninth generation of the Liễu Quán Dharma line.

  • Little Feather

    By Asa O’Connor Jaeckal As a dove flies past,In the clear blue sky,A feather falls.A wind sweeps it up,Making it swirl, and summersaultover grassy fields, and snowy mountains.It floats gently in the breeze,connecting with the infinite power oftime and thought,While slowly, very slowly, making its wayto the ground.It lands, and…

  • How Can I Control my Temper?

    Child’s question: How can I control my temper?Once we’re aware of our anger, we can be gentle with it. Don’t try to control your anger. As soon as you try to control it, this may start a fight between you and your temper. Instead, just be with it and accept…

  • The journey to discovery starts with a question. Where is the Buddha?

    Sister Trì Nghiêm and Jacob Surpin In celebration of this release, editors Sister Trì Nghiêm of Magnolia Grove Monastery and associate publisher Jacob Surpin sat down and answered some questions around the Buddha’s true nature, lessons children can learn, and what makes this book different from previous children’s books by…

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    What is Mindfulness

    Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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