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Continuing the True Source

Where are the paths through ancient redwood forests?
In me there is an old Giant Sequoia, whose limbs spread strong, wide, and fearlessly.
To what heights of freedom her branches reach, I do not know.
Her roots penetrate every earthen crevice, reaching even the very heart of Mother Earth.
Let us go and climb this tree together, until we find a thick mossy branch to sit upon where we can look clearly upon the world and see all things in equanimity and beauty.

Where do the Great Lakes flow? 
In me, there is a vast open body of water, whose currents know no depths, and whose shores stretch to no beginning and no end. 
Come, let us set foot upon our ancestors’ raft, and paddle smoothly over the dark, glassy waters, until we have seen every full moon, shooting star, sunset, and smile unfold perfectly over her serene reflections.
One day we will arrive at a distant shore that our hearts have long been searching for.

How shall one cross the Mojave Desert? 
In me a vast desert plain stretches as far as eyes can see. Her endless space, stillness, and solitude bring silence and awe to every corner of one’s consciousness, yet also loneliness and doubt. 
Offer me your hand as we walk through the night, and the ten thousand brightest stars will illumine our path. 
Sister moon will sing ancestral stories to the rhythms of our steps, reminding us that journeying far always means journeying together.

Who shall I call my true siblings? 
In me there is a young child whose eyes are luminous and kind, inviting us to go play out on the fields that lie far beyond notions of right and wrong. 
Deep in the child’s heart is the heart of all beings, including yours and mine. 
Let us hold this beautiful child’s hands, and go run and jump into the forgotten ponds of our childhood, and play freely upon wildflower meadows again. 
Then let us ask the child together, “How do we live happily with ourselves and each other? What is the true source of loving kindness?” 
The child simply smiles and, breathing in, pulls the whole world into their heart. Breathing out, they release their heart into the world.
Three tears roll down the child’s cheeks like shining jewels. The fallen drops grow into a tiny stream, then a wide flowing river, transforming the deserts and valleys below into a vast fertile plain.

July 2022

written at MorningSun Community

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