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Being with Busyness

Zen Ways to Transform Overwhelm and Burnout

Rediscover Balance and Joy Through Mindfulness and Compassion Practices






This product will be released on October 22, 2024.

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Navigate burnout, relieve stress, and reconnect with your inner joy with mindfulness and compassion practices inspired by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh

In this fast-paced, complex world, how do we uphold our ideals without burning out? How can we remain open and vulnerable while also ensuring our safety and protection? Zen Buddhist monk Brother Phap Huu and journalist and leadership coach Jo Confino examine the modern diseases of busyness, overwhelm, and burnout, and how the power of mindfulness and compassion can help us when we run out of energy and inspiration to

  • Process suffering
  • Regain balance
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Rest and nourish ourselves
  • Bring back more happiness and joy in our lives

Phap Huu and Jo Confino also offer ways to practice the authentic, loving, and courageous communication needed to break through and transform stressful situations in relationships at work and home. With examples drawn from real life on the spiritual road, they share candid stories, timeless wisdom, and the simple yet effective practices they follow daily for a dynamic and balanced way of life.

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About Brother Pháp Hữu

Brother Pháp Hữu is a senior teacher in Thích Nhất Hạnh’s international community and the abbot of the monks’ community in Plum Village, the practice center founded by Thích Nhất Hạnh in southwest France. Born in Vietnam, he emigrated to Canada as a child. He began training with Thích Nhất... Read More

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About Jo Confino

Jo Confino (pronouns he/him) is an executive coach, facilitator, journalist, sustainability expert, and Zen mindfulness practitioner. He works at the intersection of personal transformation and systems change with several organizations, including Leaders’ Quest, Future Stewards, and the United Nations Development Program. Jo has worked closely for the past sixteen years... Read More

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What is Mindfulness

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