• Lily was having a picnic with her father and her little sister, Ruby, but it wasn’t much fun. “Get off, Ruby,” Lily said, and pushed her sister.

    “Hey, take it easy,” said her father. He scooped Ruby into his arms.Lily kept her head down and cleaned up the pieces, some of which were pennies and nickels because Ruby had lost the checkers, and she folded the board back into its box, which was more flat than box shaped because Ruby had been sitting on it.

    It’s not fair, Lily thought, Ruby ruins everything and she gets all of the attention,

    “Here,” said her father,. He slid a book from the stack in the picnic basket and handed it to Lily. “Take a look.” “It looks like a journal,” Lily said, flipping through its pages, “but with drawings.” “It is a journal,” said her father. “It belonged to my grandfather.”

    Lily stopped at a sketch of a boy on a bicycle. In the background was a lily pond, and at the top of the page in faded pencil, the date.

    June 4, 1923. “That was a long time ago,” Lily lay down on the blanket and turned the page.