Is the awareness that more desire brings more suffering. All hardship in daily life arises from greed and desire. Those with little desire and ambition are able to relax, their bodies free from entanglement
    “More desire brings more suffering” is the basis if the second realization. Most people define happiness as the satisfaction of all desires. There are five types of desire. These desires are boundless but our ability to realize them is not, and unfulfilled desires always create suffering. When desires are only partially fulfilled, we continue to pursue their complete fulfillment, and we create more suffering. Even when a desire is fulfilled, we suffer when its fulfillment terminates. It is only after we become completely exhausted from this incessant pursuit that we begin to realize the extent of which we are caught in the insatiable net of desires and passions. Then we can realize that true happiness is really a peaceful state of body and mind and this can only exist when our desires are few. Having few desires and not seeking fulfillment through the pursuit of the five desires are great steps towards liberation.

    Excerpt from The Discourse on Happiness
    “Many gods and men are eager to know
    what are the greatest blessings
    which bring about a peaceful and happy life.
    Please, Tathagata, will you teach us?’
    (This is the Buddha’s answer)

    “Not to be associated with the foolish ones,
    to live in the company of wise people,
    honoring those who are worth honoring-
    this is the greatest happiness.

    To live in a good environment, to have planted good seeds,
    And to realize that you are on the right path-
    this is the greatest happiness.

    To have a chance to learn and grow, to be skillful in your profession and craft, practicing the precepts and loving speech-
    this is the greatest happiness.