Mindfulness Bell #70

  • Coming Home

    Coming Home

    Compassionate Presence in Prison By David Haskin Coming Home Project volunteers (back row, left to right): David Haskin, Chris Lee-Thompson, Steven Spiro, Walt Keough; (front row) Janice Sheppard, Ron Schell It was the type of confrontation that is all too…

  • Three Breath Bows

    Three Breath Bows

    (For Emergency Stopping) By Bill Menza Stop where you are,Whatever you are doing,Join your palms,Close your eyes,Breathe in and out,Three timesWhile bowing deeplyTo your ancestors,Loved ones,Teachers, Enemies,Those suffering,The Buddha inside.(Repeat throughout the day) Sierra Exif JPEG Bill Menza, True Shore of…

  • Healing Cancer with Mindfulness

    Healing Cancer with Mindfulness

    By Chan Phap Dang photo by Valerie Brown I would like to share the practices I used to heal cancer, not with the intention to brag about my knowledge of illness, medicine, or meditation. In truth, I know little about…

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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