Mindfulness Bell #75

  • Handling Strong Emotions

    Handling Strong Emotions

    When the seed of anger in us is touched, and when it manifests in our mental consciousness as the energy of anger, we have to be aware of it right away. First, we have to produce mindfulness to be aware that the energy of anger is coming up. That is the practice of mindfulness of anger. Breathing in, I know I am angry. Breathing out, I know that anger has manifested. You continue to follow your in-breath and out-breath, generating the energy of mindfulness to embrace your anger. You might like to do walking meditation to help you continue to generate the power of mindfulness. Breathing in, I know I am angry. Breathing out, I know I have to take good care of my anger.

  • Letters

    I just read the latest Mindfulness Bell [#74, Winter/Spring 2017]. I had been saddened to feel that I did not know more about Thay at this time and the struggles of the Sangha to go on without him. I wanted…

  • Letter from the Editor

    Letter from the Editor

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha,“There’s no way to take care of something else if we don’t first take care of ourselves.” Victoria Rosas Peribán, a young practitioner who is passionate about planting trees, tells us that this belief is the basis…

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Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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