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How Yoga Saved My Ass

A yoga teacher with an attitude shares irreverent stories about addiction, heartbreak, and illness.






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Anne Clendening thought she’d grow up to be a rock star’s wife, living in the Hollywood Hills and partying every night with The Stones. Drinking at 13, then bartending in Hollywood nightclubs, designing her own clothing line, producing fashion shows, working on music videos and photo shoots with Black Sabbath and other bands, she seemed well on her way…until she was arrested for drunk driving at age 21. Bent: How Yoga Saved My Ass is Clendening’s contemplation of the events that shaped her life and the unforeseen shift in her perception that occurred when she found yoga and Eastern philosophy.

With edgy humor and disarming candor, Clendening charts her journey through alcoholism, heartbreak, mysterious health problems, and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease on her way to the devoted yoga practice that helped her understand herself differently and ultimately transform her life. She writes, “Life can be confusing, beautiful, disappointing, undeniably amazing, and invariably marked with difficulty. Sometimes there’s a happy ending, and other times, there just ain’t.” In Bent she grapples with universal themes of death, happiness, pain, illness, and freedom with wonderful wit and insight. This is a book about discovering who you really are, and letting go of who you’re not. It’s about free spiritedness—pure, unrestrained freedom from the bondage of self-centered fear and less-than-splendid circumstances and embracing the principles of oneness and loving-kindness (even if you have no idea what that means).

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ISBN 9781941529652
ISBN 9781941529669

"An amazing book at how a life-changing diagnosis can turn your life upside down. There’s no self pity, just a very honest insight to how this woman dealt with it in her own way."

Debbie Taylor

"If you’ve ever tried yoga, read this book. If you want to try yoga but you’re scared, read this book. If you need inspiration, read this book."


"This is a great book from first time book author Anne Clendening. Smart, funny, engaging, Bent will make you, laugh, cry, want to do yoga, and realize you can get through and overcome anything in life."


"Read this book if your ass needs saving or even for just a good read; the book is delightful."

Marion Lane
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About Anne Clendening

Anne Clendening is a yoga teacher, creative nonfiction writer, and columnist for Elephant Journal. She was born in Santa Monica, California and studied English Literature at the University of Southern California. After more than two decades working in the fashion business designing, styling music videos, producing fashion shows, and bartending... Read More

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