Mindfulness Bell #31

  • Dharma Talk: The Day I Turn Twenty

    Dharma Talk: The Day I Turn Twenty

    Dear Sangha, today is the 13th of December 2001. We are in the Dharma Nectar Hall, at the Lower Hamlet, during the winter retreat. The committee, working on the book for the twentieth anniversary of Plum Village has asked me…

  • Coming Home to Plum Village

    Letter from the editor, Barbara Casey I hope you are refreshed and inspired by this special issue of The Mindfulness Bell, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Plum Village in France and of the Plum Village style of…

  • Being with the Children

    Being with the Children

    By Shantum Seth One day in Bodhgaya Thay said why don't we organize the children in the village where Sujata and Svasti used to live. We could have tea meditation there together. I met two kids, one about thirteen or fourteen years old…

Other articles in this issue

Poem: Dharma Jazz

What tune will he play today,the great improvisor the Dharmajazz master? Will our strings vibrate with empty fullness, or will our concepts transform his noble jazz into jumble? Aiming hard…

Book Review

A new book from Parallax PressAvailable in December 2002 I have arrived, I am home Celebrating Twenty Years of Plum Village LifeBy Thich Nhat Hanh and the Global Plum Village…

Gatha for Looking at Your Hand

Whose hand is this that has never once died?Who is it that was born yesterday?Who is it that will die tomorrow? Found in Present Moment, Wonderful Moment (Berkeley: Parallax Press,…

Poem: You Set Out This Morning

You set out this morning to give the silver space a future. The phoenix spreads her wings and takes to the immense sky. The water clings to the feet of…

Poem: Structure of Suchness

Do not scold the little birds. We need their songs. Do not hate your own body. It is the altar for humanity's spirit. Your eyes contain the trichiliocosm, and your…

Poem: Surrendering

Bowing down, resting this body on the earth,i offer up my constant companion, pride. i beg for surrender. i beg for openness. Brother Phap Am, True Sound of the Dharma

Gatha for Offering Incense

In gratitude we offer this incense throughout space and time to all Buddhas and bodhisattvas. May it be fragrant as Earth herself reflecting careful efforts wholehearted awareness and the fruit…

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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